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Ben Misegades Reitz North America… is not only for US sales & manufacturing of Reitz’ world-leading fans & blowers, but increasingly uses its competence in engineering to tailor our products to the specific needs of our customers. Leading this effort is our Project Manager Ben Misegades, an experienced design engineer with a decade of experience in the vehicle and metal design & fabrication industries. Highly experienced in the use of the leading CAD program SolidWorks, Ben has recently begun using the advanced new cloud-based program Onshape, with a close heritage to SolidWorks.

Ben quickly became an active and respected member of the Onshape user community and has provided the code’s developers with numerous suggestions for improvements.   Two of these were recently incorporated in release version June 13 2017 update of Onshape.

The two changes that were made as a direct result of Ben’s Inputs:

  • Being able to use coordinate planes in the feature tree as a selection for adding dimensions to something in a sketch while modeling. Previously, you could only pick planes directly in the modeling area, which isn’t always practical. Now you can pick them in the tree, as well
  • Being able to add dimensions to “hidden” (dashed) lines in drawing views. Previously this was not possible, and though it goes against “proper” drawing conventions the ability to do this was added regardless due to support from the Onshape community.

Misegades has also become an active member of the Onshape user community though his sponsorship of a regular online competition, where users submit their designs and are judged by the global Onshape community.  Some of the recent impressive work from other OnShape users may be seen at  the April and May contest threads below:

Ben comments:
“Onshape being 100% cloud based allows us to access and manipulate CAD data from any computer or mobile device. This allows us to utilize CAD models anywhere where they can be of benefit, including customer or vendor visits and on the production floor. Furthermore, Onshape’s emphasis on collaborative capabilities lets us easily share data with other people, allowing them to see products in detail rather than having to rely on 2D drawings. In addition to using Onshape for the sake of viewing and preparing products for production, it has also allowed us to make modifications to parts and assemblies to work better in the American manufacturing world. On top of that, we have been able to begin preliminary development of in-house designs for customers, fixtures for production, workshop aids, tools, etc.”

Reitz North America is fortunate to have someone with Ben’s wide skills in design and fabrication leading an important aspect of our growth. Congratulations to him on the recognition he has received in the CAD community for his voluntary efforts on everyone’s behalf.

Stadler TEXRail Cooling Module manufactured by Reitz North America

Stadler TEXRail Cooling Module manufactured by Reitz North America

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