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Industrial Fans and Blowers Manufacturers

I spent last week in Chicago with two colleagues from Höxter, Andreas and Björn. They are sales engineers.

We had a successful time visiting customers in the Chicago area, and seeing the sites.

As the pictures show, we visited a US ALDI, a well-known German grocery chain. We were impressed by the large size of the store and a selection of products larger than what is typical in the German ALDI stores. 

My colleagues were very interested in how Americans vote, and the election officials invited them in and showed them everything. They of course did not vote but did receive stickers 😉

We also came across an old steam locomotive with a luxurious wooden passenger car, complete with fancy tables set with porcelain.

Everywhere we went, my colleagues pointed out fans and the systems around them. We stopped at one, a dust collection system behind a shoe factory.  The system was not one of ours, but provided me with a good lesson on how Reitz does things differently, and better!

One last picture was taken in the lobby of Camfil, a Swedish-based manufacturer of industrial filter systems that has been a Reitz customer in Europe in the past.  By coincidence, Camfil has several production facilities in North Carolina, a reflection of the strong historic demand for such things in our textile, furniture and wood products industries.

Andreas and Björn commented on how friendly everyone has been to them in the US. I explained that is the nature of Americans, especially to foreign guests from Germany where many of us trace our roots.

With such experts from our parent company visiting us in Pinehurst on a regular basis these days, I expect to have our new office here up to speed quickly.

Kent Misegades – VP Reitz North America

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