Over the last two weeks Reitz North America hosted two skilled technicians from the German Headquarters of Reitz Group.
Martin Bornmann is the Quality Manager of Reitz Umwelttechnik in Hessisch Lichtenau β†’ http://www.reitzgroup.com/en/companies/reitz-umwelttechnik-ventilatoren/
Christopher Knepper is a master welder for Reitz Switzerland β†’ http://www.reitzgroup.com/en/companies/reitz-schweiz/
and the main factory in Hoexter, Germany.

Martin Bornmann

Christopher Knepper

Martin Bornmann, ensured that our Quality Management (QM) is up to speed and that future audits will have the best outcome for our customers’ finished products and its quality. All efforts are to maintain and exceed the very restrictive European ISO 9001 industrial standards norm.

Main efforts will be placed on goal development and strategy building. Reitz North America will place increased emphasis on an even better risk minimization in respect to error correction, lean management, improved workflow, zoning, standardized labeling, cleanliness, transparency, machine and tool placement, calibration and workability of tools.
The effect will be a shortened supply chain, further improved delivery time, increased vendor reliability and an optimized production process.

Marc Schaefer, will be the QM Manager of the Aberdeen Facility. He will be in close contact with the German counterparts. Part one of the QM training is complete and Part two will take place during the fall in Germany. 

Christopher Knepper, oversaw the complex welding process of an order for the transport industry. This process requires extremely high quality due to the – understandably – high requirements by the DOT.

Many thanks to Martin, Christopher and Sven Faubel for being such valuable assets during the weeks of Co-Operation here in Aberdeen. 

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