New Customer Report

Customer: Motion Industries
Location: California, USA

End Customer/User: Guardian Glass
Location: Auburn Hills, MI

Motion Industries is an industrial supplier that aids their customers with buying complete systems for most industrial applications. In this case, Guardian Glass has requested a replacement fan from Reitz through Motion Industries. They are headquartered in Alabama. 

Guardian Glass is a manufacturer of glass products and automobile components. A majority of their glass applications require high temperatures. They are headquartered in Minnesota. 

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This order is for a replacement fan with unique design elements to accommodate customer requirements. The special design is comprised of a swinging cover door which can be opened to clean out the inside of the fan with ease. Due to the particles moving through the fan and the high relative humidity, the customer wanted a way to easily access to the inside of the fan housing, as well as the impeller, to perform periodic cleaning operations. The impeller also has a different type of blade which prevents particles getting stuck to the impeller and decreasing the designed performance of the fan. Additionally, to prevent any particles from sticking to the impeller, the impeller will be made of stainless steel and electro polished to create a smooth surface to not allow any particles to stick to the fan wheel. For added safety, a sensor and switch and combination will automatically stop the fan from operating while the hinged access door is open. This will prevent any injuries while the fan is being serviced with the hinged door open. 

The anticipated delivery of this fan will be in late November, with production for parts starting in late October. Final assembly will happen roughly 10 days before delivery. 

Motion Industries

Motion Industries began as Owen Richards Co., an industrial supply company, which Caldwell Marks and William Spencer III purchased in 1946 in Birmingham. Changing the name to Motion Industries, Marks and Spencer merged with Genuine Parts Company in 1972. Motion Industries now forms the Industrial Parts Group of Genuine Parts. According to Marks, Motion Industries was one of the first industrial distribution companies to establish a central distribution center and set-up an electronic parts database.

Modern Motion Industries is an industrial parts distributor for products including bearings, mechanical power transmission, electrical and industrial automation, and hydraulic hose. It also provides fabrication and repair services. As of 2015, Motion Industries had annual sales of $4.5 billion and 150,000 customers. Its customers cross numerous industries including: food and beverage, pulp and paper, iron and steel, chemical, mining, petrochemical, automotive, wood and lumber, and pharmaceuticals. At $4.5 billion in sales, Motion Industries placed ninth on Industrial Distribution’s 2014 “The Big 50” list of industrial distributors. It was also recognized as “Distributor of the Year” by 3M in 2014.[6]



Guardian Industries was founded in 1932 as Guardian Glass Company. The company was originally established as a small windshield fabricator. In 1957, the same year Guardian filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, William Davidson became president of Guardian, 10 years after he graduated from the University of Michigan in 1947. After three years in 1960, Guardian came out of bankruptcy. In 1968, the company officially changed its name to Guardian Industries Corp. and under William Davidson’s leadership; they went public with the initial trade valued at $17 a share. The following year Guardian began trading on the American Stock Exchange.

In 1970, Guardian started producing flat glass with the newly invented float glass process. They opened their first production line in Carleton, Michigan and today the company counts 28 float glass lines and 13 glass fabrication plants around the world. In 1973 it began trading on the New York Stock Exchange. From 1980, Guardian started to diversify its activities and they started the production of fiberglass insulation. The European market entry took place in 1981 when the company opened their production line in Bascharage, Luxembourg. Further plants came up in Germany, Spain, England, Hungary, and Poland. The company went back to a privately held company in 1985 after 17 years as a public company.

In the 1990s, Guardian could note down an upswing both in the sectors construction materials and automotive products due to several takeovers and acquisitions: Automotive Moulding Company Warren, Michigan; Lab. Radio from Valencia, Spain; Builder Marts of America (BMA) and Cameron Ashley Building Products (which is now the Guardian Building Products Distribution) in 2000. In 1995, corporate headquarters moved from Novi to their present location in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

The takeover of Siegel-Robert Automotive in 2008 led to the formation of SRG Global.

On February 1, 2017, Koch Industries completed its acquisition of Guardian Industries.

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