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Project Name: Keller Andersen II

Customer: Keller USA, Inc.
Location: Fort Mill, SC

End Customer: Andersen Windows
Location: Bayport, MN

Keller USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Keller Lufttechnik, GmbH & Co., KG; offering multiple solutions to challenges presented by various operations, including the latest in energy-efficient filtration systems for all industrial manufacturing processes that generate air pollutants. The company was founded by Albert Keller in Stuttgart-Uhlbach in 1903.

Andersen Corporation is an international window and door manufacturing enterprise employing approximately 12,000 people at more than 30 manufacturing, logistic centers and company owned retail locations. Andersen is a private company with its headquarters in Bayport, Minnesota.

This order is a follow up purchase to a previous set of fans built by Reitz North America in December of 2017 for Keller USA. One of these fans was manufactured for the end customer Andersen Windows through Keller. Andersen has since then sent through another proposal request and has ordered once again through Reitz North America. While the fan was a simple build, the overall dimensions and weight of the unit did cause some problems. Combined with the pallet, the fan weighs over 3200 pounds and has a height of around 85 inches. The fan is also over 6 feet wide and has a 100 HP motor spinning the fan wheel. The unit sits on a frame made of steel channel for additional strength due to the weight. The fan also includes a VAW produced silencer that was shipped from VAW’s facility in Canada straight to Bayport, MN. 

Construction of this fan began in late September, and final assembly was completed in mid-October. The unit was shipped in late October. The fan will aid in the production of wood frames for windows in Andersen’s headquarters in Bayport, MN. 

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From building plumbing contractor to a global leader in air filtration technolgy
The company was founded by Albert Keller in Stuttgart-Uhlbach in 1903. Following the complete destruction of the factory in World War II, his son Otto Keller opened a factory for air pollution control and thermal process technology in Kirchheim unter Teck, in the foothills of the Swabian Jura.

In 1952 – then in its third generation – Heinz-Dieter Keller assumed the reins of the company and established Keller Lufttechnik’s current range of poducts. In 1992, the next generation took over. The tradition of the family-owned company is now carried on by Horst and Frank Keller.

Today, Keller Lufttechnik is a global filtration technology company specializing in the capture and separation of a variety of air pollutants, as well as in the reduction of emissions in industrial applications.

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Andersen was founded in 1903 by Danish immigrant Hans Andersen and his family in Hudson, Wisconsin, where logs arrived via the St. Croix River. Today, Andersen Corporation is an international enterprise employing more than 12,000+ people at more than 20 locations, with headquarters in Bayport, Minnesota.

See their website here

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