New Batch of Blowers

… ready for delivery and further manufacturing for various fans and blowers markets. After producing a number of MXE Blowers for the food industry Reitz North America is now working on its first KXE models. These variants allow for a “separation” of the extremely hot fan/blower from the motor section via a coupling. This provides sufficient motor cooling to avoid overheating the drive assembly.  

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Performance characteristics:
– Drive via coupling
– Single inlet design
– Impeller centerhung design
– Installation with steel pedestal on concrete foundation or steel frame
– With or without anti-vibration mount
– For inlet guide vane or energy efficient variable speed control
– Also for damper control at inlet in combination with suction box

Design variants (examples):
→ Pressure resistant
→ Pressure shock proof
→ Explosion protected
→ Non-corroding design
→ High temperature design
→ Low wear
→ Water injection

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