Reitz fans of all types and sizes are used in a wide variety of industrial filter applications including dry filtration and wet scrubbers.

Advantages of Reitz Fans:

  • Market-leading technology and materials to prevent material sticking and erosion of fan components.
  • Explosion-protected (ATEX) features
  • Gas/liquid/dustproof designs
  • High-temperature designs to operate at 1000 F
  • Compact, direct-driven fans reduce footprint and weight.



  • Lühr
  • Entecco
  • Keller
  • ceATec
  • Nederman Mikropul
  • Eisenmann
  • CNIM
  • Riedel Filtertechnik
  • camfil
  • ecutec
  • GroSte Lüftungstechnik
  • Wheelabrator

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