Leadership Team Reitz North America

Kent Misegades

Title: Vice President & General Manager

Responsible for: Management, New Product Sales

Education: BS Mechanical Engineering, Auburn University; MS Applied Aerodynamics, Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics

Experience: 40+ years as an engineer and business manager in Germany and the US

Bilingual English/German

Telephone: 910-315-4697

Email: kmp@reitzgroup.com

Kent Misegades ReitzNorth America

Ben Misegades

Title: Project Manager

Responsible for: Engineering, Production

Education: FAA AMT, GTCC Aviation School; Design Engineer.

Experience: 10+ years experience in sheet metal design and fabrication

Bilingual English/German

Telephone: 910-315-4268

Email: bmp@reitzgroup.com


Ben Misegades ReitzNorth America

Martina Young

Title: Business Manager

Responsible for: Business & Spare Parts Sales

Education: Apprenticeship in Business Administration; BA International Management, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg; MBA, Oklahoma Christian University

Experience: 10+ years experience in business administration, accounting, controlling

Bilingual English/German

Telephone: 910-315-2168

Email: myf@reitzgroup.com


Martina Young ReitzNorth America

Marc Schaefer

Title: Project Engineer

Responsible for: Engineering, New Product Sales, Production

Education: BS Aerospace Engineering, North Carolina State University

Experience: Mechanical design and as Reitz production assistant

Bilingual English/German

Telephone: 910-315-4685

Email: mfs@reitzgroup.com


Marc Schaefer ReitzNorth America

Cody Artman

Title: Welding / Fabrication Lead

Responsible for: All aspects of fan & blower fabrication

Education: Diploma in Welding Technology, Central Carolina Community College, Sanford, NC

Experience: Awarded outstanding student in Welding Technology 2017-2018

Telephone: 910-944-0824

Email: caa@reitzgroup.com



Marc Schaefer ReitzNorth America
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