After delivering the first cooling units/fans for the TEXRail commuter train, Reitz North America is proud to announce the next batch of Industrial Fans for the Food Processing Industry. Our MXE style combined with “Surgical Steel” results in a ideal combination for the Food Industry. As you can imagine the quality and sanitation standards for handling food are incredibly high. Our compact design and top quality standards guarantee a seamless and safe integration of Dryer Fans into the creation and manufacturing of any type of food. 

Reitz fans of all types and sizes are used in a wide variety of industrial filter applications including dry filtration and wet scrubbers.

Advantages of Reitz Fans:

  • Market-leading technology and materials to prevent material sticking and erosion of fan components.
  • Explosion-protected (ATEX) features
  • Gas/liquid/dustproof designs
  • High-temperature designs to operate at 1000 F
  • Compact, direct-driven fans reduce footprint and weight.
Reitz Industrial Fans and Blowers
Reitz Industrial Fans and Blowers
Industrial Fans and Blowers
Industrial Fans and Blowers

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