Pictures from Hoexter Germany
Our Headquarters are located just outside of this great historic city.

Höxter is a town in eastern North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany on the left bank of the river Weser, 52 km north of Kassel in the centre of the Weser Uplands. The main town’s population is around 15,000, and with outlying centres, about 30,000. It is the seat of the Höxter district.

Höxter (Latin Huxaria) in the time of Charlemagne was a villa regia, and was the scene of a battle between his forces and the Saxons. Under the protection of the Abbey of Corvey it gradually increased in prosperity, and became the chief town of the principality of Corvey. Later it asserted its independence and joined the Hanseatic League.

Höxter was located on the important long distance trade-route known as Hellweg. Rivalry with Corvey Abbey and the nearby town known as Corvey increased and in 1265, the burghers of Höxter allied themselves with the Bishop of Paderborn. Their troops destroyed the town of Corvey and damaged the abbey. The town never recovered and over the following decades reverted to a small village. This event also marked the beginning of the long period of decline of the abbey.

Höxter suffered severely during the Thirty Years’ War. In 1634, Imperial troops laid siege to the town.

After the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 it was united with Brunswick; in 1802 it passed to Nassau and in 1807 to the Kingdom of Westphalia, after the dismemberment of which, in 1814, it came into the possession of Prussia.

In 2005, an explosion within a house in the historic town center damaged the town hall and many other significant buildings and resulted in three deaths. Work has started on the rebuilding of the damaged area but is expected to continue for many years.

Hoexter Germany - Corporation Headquarters of Reitz Fans and Blowers

Hoexter Germany - Corporation Headquarters of Reitz Fans and Blowers.

Posted by Reitz North America on Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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