We are pleased to welcome the technical director of Reitz Holding, Christian Rohdich 
at Reitz North America.
Mr. Rohdich has been with Reitz for 18 years and works out of the Albaxen office. He is supported by four engineers and responsible for technology, production as well as research & development for Reitz Schweitz
β†’ http://www.reitzgroup.com/en/companies/reitz-schweiz/ 
Companies like Bombardier, Siemens and Stadler are customers of the Swiss Reitz subsidiary. The main emphasis is being placed on the augmentation of Train systems at Reitz Schweiz.  
Mr. Rohdich will be working at Reitz North America for 2 weeks overseeing the production of cooling systems for the TEXRail project.
β†’ https://www.reitznorthamerica.com/testing-module-for-stadler-texrail-industrial-fans-and-blower-manufacturer/
With his assistance, we are furbishing multiple certifications for DOT requirements as well as
FAI (First Article Inspection) documentation. 

Furthermore, we are pleased to welcome Dr. ING. Matthias SchrΓΆder.
He is Reitz’s “Head Welding Officer” or SAP 1 (Schweiss Aufsichtsperson 1). 
…. more following soon.

Christian Rohdich

Christian Rohdich at his first American Football game in Pinehurst

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