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… is pleased to have Mr. Jurij Kroter visiting our facility in Aberdeen NC.
Jurij is one of Reitz Group’s senior welders. He is mainly responsible for welding and manufacturing fan-wheels to include weighting and calibration. The wheels are a major part of industrial fans and are delivered all around the world.

Jurij has been with the company since 2001. He is originally from Karabulak in Kazakhstan (see below). His family emigrated to Germany about 30 years ago. Since the father is of German heritage (so-called “Wolga – Deutsche”) all descendants are eligible for German Citizenship.

During his stay at Reitz North America, Jurij taught our technician Cody how to manufacture fan-wheels at Reitz Fans & Blowers. His dedication and shared expertise will enable our technicians to build wheels which are a critical resource for our assembly.
See the new wheels for Entecco, Dedert, Curt Joa and Keller and in the pictures below.

Equipped with this new skill set, we are now able to manufacture wheels at our facility which will greatly decrease our delivery time. In turn saving our clients money and time.

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Thank you Mr. Kroter for your help concerning this crucial point of evolution at
Reitz Fans & Blowers in Aberdeen NC.

Jurij Kroter

Here is Jurij’s “Hometown” – Karabulak

Karabulak (Kazakh: Қарабұлақ, Qarabulaq) is a settlement in Eskeldi District in Almaty Region of south-eastern Kazakhstan. It is the capital of the district. Population: 16,037 (2009 Census results) 14,873 (1999 Census results)

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