Together withChristian Rohdich, Reitz North America was “home” for Dr. Ing. Matthias Schröder during the last week.
As “Head Welding Officer” or SAP 1 (Schweiss Aufsichtsperson 1) for Konrad Reitz Ventilatoren GmbH & Co. KG, he aided us greatly in completing important tasks relating to the → TEXRail project.

The main goal is to achieve the Norm EN15085-2 CL4. This requires us to establish a set of rules concerning organizational structure. These rules will address processes, organization, and personnel frameworks.
A focus will also be placed on the welding process. Attaining the ISO 3834-2 (ISO 9000 subset concerned with the welding process) is especially critical concerning transportation technology.

All this will ensure the compliance of Reitz North America products with DOT specifications concerning applications in the area of Rail Transportation Systems and Coach/Passenger Rail-Cars. Subsequently, the responsibilities of → Quality Management at Reitz NA will be addressed in this process.

Thank you Mr. Rohdich and Dr. Schröder for your help concerning this crucial point of evolution at
Reitz Fans & Blowers in Aberdeen.

Dr. Ing. Matthias Schröder

Matthias Schröder and Christian Rohdich at a Rock Concert in Charlotte NC

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