Reitz North America
Industrial Fan and Blower Manufacturer

Reitz KXE Fan Profile

Performance characteristics: – Drive via coupling– Single inlet design– Impeller centerhung design– Installation with steel pedestal on concrete foundation or steel frame– With or without anti-vibration mount– For inlet guide vane or energy efficient variable speed...

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What is a Hot Gas Generator?

Compact combustion chambers The hot gas generators are compact combustion chambers used in a large number of industrial applications. These units produce gases at different temperatures starting from the combustion of different fuels such as natural gas, diesel, fuel...

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Reitz works with Onshape

Reitz North America Industrial Fans and Blowers Manufacturer   ... is not only for US sales & manufacturing of Reitz' world-leading fans & blowers, but increasingly uses its competence in engineering to tailor our products to the specific needs of our...

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